semiconductor industry slow down,and the outlook for Korean manufacturing is worrisome

With the end of the semiconductor glory, Korean companies are generally pessimistic about the economy. According to statistics, this month's industrial situation BSI is the lowest index since March 2016, and the manufacturing outlook is also the lowest since the global financial crisis.

According to the "Seoul Economy" report, the Bank of Korea published the "Bear of Enterprise Business Review Index (BSI) in January 2019" on the 30th, the overall BSI was 69, down 3 points from the previous month, in March 2016 (BSI 68) The lowest index since. BSI is to quantify the company's current feelings. If it is lower than the standard value of 100, it means that there are more companies that are pessimistic about the economy.

In terms of industry categories, the reduction in semiconductor demand has a significant impact. The BSI of manufacturing is 67, down 4 points. The BSI of the electronics, imaging and communication equipment industry is 70, down 8 points, which is the most after June 2016 (BSI 66). The poor index; the BSI of the machinery and equipment industry involving semiconductor equipment investment was 63, down 5 points. On the other hand, due to the downturn in construction and the automobile industry, the BSI of the rubber and plastics industry was 55, down 13 points.

If viewed from the size of the company, the BSI of the large enterprise is 73, which is the same as the previous month, but the BSI of the SME has dropped from 69 to 61. Relevant persons said that with the deterioration of the technology industry, the industrial status of small and medium-sized enterprises and export enterprises has also deteriorated. However, the large-scale enterprises in the chemical industry are in good condition, so they have a good influence on the industrial status of large enterprises.

The overall outlook for the next month is BSI of 68, which is the worst figure since March 2016. In particular, the manufacturing outlook BSI is 65, down 6 points, and the lowest index since April 2009. It is believed that this is the concern of enterprises worried about the passivation of the semiconductor industry.

Non-manufacturing prospects BSI was 70, down 2 points. Due to the low months before the launch of the new machine in spring, mobile phone sales are expected to be sluggish. BSI for smartphones and computer industry is 64, down 9 points, and BSI for information and communication industry is 70. , down 8 points.