"Woodman game" second season: Samsung, SK Hynix further expand the advantage

According to Korean media Businesskorea, the global semiconductor industry has launched a new round of "cowardly games". Leading semiconductor companies such as Samsung Electronics and SK Hynix are controlling Chinese semiconductor manufacturers through active investment in China; Fujian Jinhua Plans to mass-produce DRAM have been eliminated, thus avoiding pressure from global manufacturers and Sino-US trade wars. South Korean big companies are investing more to prevent them from catching up.

The new semiconductor widower game is different from the past. In the late 21st century, a widower game in the semiconductor industry consolidated the leading position of Samsung Electronics, SK Hynix and Micron. The oversupply and price decline led to the stagnation of semiconductor manufacturers in Taiwan, Japan and Germany. However, in the new widower game, the latecomers not only face price declines, but also face the ruthless super-gap strategy of the three front runners.

On January 15, Li Zaiyong, vice chairman of Samsung Electronics, reiterated that Samsung will implement its investment plan in accordance with the published method. In the "Dialogue with Business Leaders" hosted by South Korean President Wen Zai, Li Zaiyong stressed that Samsung will show its true strength from now on. This remark also dispelled Wen’s worries about the Korean semiconductor industry, and he expressed strong confidence in Samsung’s ultra-gap strategy.

According to reports, Samsung Electronics will invest 180 trillion won in semiconductor production facilities and technology development to expand the gap with other companies. In addition, Samsung is accelerating the development of application processors (AP) and the implementation of 7nm EUV processes, which are far behind in China. Its semiconductor plant in Xi'an, China will be put into operation in June this year.

At the same time, SK hynix will build a new semiconductor cluster by investing 120 trillion won, and introduce DUV equipment in Wuxi, China. It is speculated that SK hynix may intend to introduce EUV equipment in Wuxi plant in the future. However, SK Hynix executives said that EUV equipment is mainly used to produce system semiconductors, and it is too early to use EUV to produce memory in Wuxi.