The new version of Mouser - eZine highlights emerging transformational design trends

Mouser released the latest issue of its method technology and solutions eZine. The first issue of the third volume, Design Trends and the Transformation of Everything, explores 5G, AR, autonomous vehicles and other transformative technologies through articles written by thought leaders and subject matter experts.

The new issue was written by Sam George, Director of Internet of Things Engineering at Microsoft Azure, who provided a high-level overview of the technologies discussed in subsequent articles. While focusing on a wide range of transformational design trends, this issue includes multiple articles on issues related to the Internet of Things, including practical applications into the industrial Internet of Things, Internet of Things development suite research and the contribution of the Internet of Things to sustainable projects. The new issue also carries an interview about MicroPython with Ladyada and an article by ‘Wizard of Make’ Bob Martin on innovation to productisation. To solve this problem, look at what happens after Moore's law.

“Both hardware and software engineering has reached a turning point, supported by transformational design technologies,” said Kevin Hess, senior vice president of marketing at Mouser Electronics. “The latest phase of the methodology provides expert insights and perspectives on these trends and illustrates how new technologies such as 5G and augmented reality will revolutionize engineering and development.”