TSMC 7nm blessing, Bitmain released new ant mining machine

Bitmain officially released Antminer S17 Pro, a new ant mine machine. The mine uses Bitmain's second-generation 7nm chip BM1397. The chip uses TSMC FinFET technology. It has a power of 53 TH/s in standard mode and an energy efficiency ratio of 39.5 J/T. The energy efficiency ratio is as low as 36J/T in low power mode.

It is understood that support for BTC, BCH and other encrypted digital currency mining. According to official data, the S17 Pro is available in 53T and 50T versions, both of which support standard, low power and high performance mining modes.

In addition to the S17 Pro, Bitmain also introduced another 7nm mining machine S17. The S17 is available in both 56T and 53T versions, both in standard mode and low power mode. In standard mode, the power of S17 is as high as 56T, and the energy efficiency ratio is 45J/T. In low power mode, the energy efficiency ratio of S17 is as low as 42 J/T.

Previously, Bitmain issued an internal letter announcing organizational restructuring and announced that the company will focus on digital currency and artificial intelligence chips and products and services based on this.

Bitmain said that the company has sufficient cash and the supply chain is functioning properly. With the launch of new products, sales performance began to rise month by month.