BYKSKI A-Radeon VII-X Waterblock For AMD Radeon VII Graphics Card Released – Full Coverage Liquid Goodness With Wide RGB Support

AMD Radeon VII graphics card launch last month and has been available in reference flavors only since its arrival. But that is about to change as there has been confirmation from various graphics card board partners that they are preparing custom models while water block manufacturers will be offering new and improved designs for AMD’s reference solution for users who want to go the liquid cooling route.

BYKSKI Readies A-Radeon VII-X Waterblock For Reference AMD Radeon VII Graphics Cards – Full RGB Options and Just Around $100 US Price Tag
BYKSKI is a widely popular brand in the Asian Pacific market when it comes to PC cooling. They have prepared water blocks for each generation of AMD and NVIDIA graphics cards. Their latest entry is the A-Radeon VII-X which is exclusively designed for the reference AMD Radeon VII graphics cards.